If you have recently got a house with electric heating or solid fuel fire. Then, you’re probably not very happy with their performance. Moreover, you’ll want to convert your present form of heating to a modern central heating system.

Firstly, look at what you’ve got in the way of domestic heating and then consider what’s possible and affordable. Next, check up the pros and cons of each type. Don’t only consider the central heating installation costs, but you must also look at the aspect of the price of fuel too.

Storage heaters are notorious for costing heaps more to run than other types of heating. You have to “plan ahead” with your heating, because you’re charging up the storage heaters during the previous night.

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However, solid fuel is just messy and a lot of work to get right. And, even then you can’t set an exact temperature.
So, keep reading and you might decide to upgrade your heating and install a new system.

We hope that your decision is no more difficult after reading the above info. Although the running costs of oil heating are a lot less than electricity, it’s still much more than the mains gas. So, if you have a choice of fuel types, and you have mains piped gas to your area, you know what you’ve got to do.

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Moving from electrical storage heating or oil fired heating to gas central heating is a significant investment and well worth it. The price of gas continues to be lower than both oil and electricity, so you will begin to see the savings in the first year. Couple a gas central heating system with a well-insulated house and up to date heating controls then you will enjoy with affordable and low cost warm than before.

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Let’s consider our 3 bedroom house again. If we split the total down into its components we can see where the cost of replacing a central heating system comes from. All prices include the supply of materials and labours or of course, you can ask for advice from experts.

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