We provide best Boiler services in Birmingham

We do repair, installation, and maintenance of your boiler. Our Engineers team check your boiler with different aspects and then provide a solution with the latest technology that we are using for many years.



The customers challenge is to provide efficiency ,reliability and after service .To replace or install a new boiler the expense can be high. To find a reliable and reputable experienced installer.

West midlands gas takes care of your needs and problems providing you the services of our professionals to give the best options to resolve your issues.


Our main aim is to provide high quality and low cost services to our customers . We use high quality products and some of them are costly for you but keep it in mind that we want to give you best services so that we choose the products having longer lifetime and working functionality.  It all starts with boiler equipment, and this first step in the power train is “business-critical”. From this point of view asset integrity management for boiler systems is essential in your operational management.


  • Inspection chekout
  • Burner working services
  • Boiler repair & maintanence
  • Custom replacement & installment of boilers
  • Low sulfur fuels – boiler system conversions
  • Service agreement
  • Tailored solutions
  • Spare parts of boilers
  • Flues and terminals checks
  • All safety devices check
  • Gas pressure and heat input verification
  • Operating pressure reset
  • Combustion fan check
  • Heat exchangers check
  • Gas and water seals check
  • Burners check/ clean
  • Ignition system check
  • Performance test (where possible)
  • Controls check
  • Heating controls advice

What does a boiler service involve?

What you'll get with West Midland Gas

     All our boiler repair options include

Some boiler brands to Choose from

We offer boilers from a variety of high quality brands. All the brands we work with them are the most popular within in this industry and they are the most useful products with top-quality boiler functionality. some of the products are costly but keep in mind that all the boilers that we supply are manufactured with your satisfaction in mind. 

Boiler brands that we offer include: